Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tis the Season

So, it's snowing...again. I realize that I have nothing to complain about. The snow in my mom's blog is way worse than here. But I get my hopes up so high that we are all done with winter, and then another snow storm hits. Maybe I should just realize that winter is here to stay, and it will be like this until April. Then, if it warms up by March I will be pleasantly surprised! Great idea, I'll do it.

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to harden Caden's poop. Probably not the best thing you all want to read about, but I still appreciate it. We went and got him more medicine today, and this morning his diaper rash was looking better, so maybe this time it will work. However, since the medicine has two refills, I'm assuming the doctors are assuming it will take some time to nip this in the bud. I'd pray for patience, but then God would give me things that I actually have to be patient for, and I'm not ready for that. So, we'll just pray that Caden will get better.

I took Kember to her dance class again today only to find out that it was cancelled. Her instructor got in a car accident. Everyone was okay (so the random lady told us), so that was good. Apparently we missed a make-up class from the last time dance was cancelled. How frustrating. Maybe I should put Kember in gymnastics. Actually, we probably shouldn't be spending the money at all, but she really likes it, and it's just too cute. I know she really likes it because when we were going back out to the car after no class she was crying, "I want to go to dance. DANCE CLASS!" She didn't understand why we weren't going. Ah well. There is always next week...hopefully.


Teeter Family said...

lol...so I know this doesn't help but Russ's freshman year at WSU it snowed on finals week...yes, in May. I SO hope it doesn't happen again (or stick around that long!)--it gets so depressing!!!

michelle said...

Way to be positive!!! I think we are all looking for spring. The kids were asking me if the groundhog saw his shadow. Jarom keeps asking me if it is his birthday yet...in the spring(May is spring in Minnesota):)

Rorie said...

You do know that the groundhog saw his shadow, right? So just expect 6 more weeks of winter and then if it doesn't last that long, you can be pleasantly surprised. :)
Just think of all the good the moisture will be doing. And then remember that the invitation to move down here is still open! Although it was a frigid 49 degrees down here today. Didn't go outside all day, except to the grocery store. Too cold.

Carrie said...

Hi Tarah! I found your blog through Melanie's:) I'm sorry about your little guy! I think someone snatched my cute little baby and put a stinker in his place, he won't eat either anymore...and I hope he doesn't have a yeast infection. What do they look like anyway? He has some funky rash. BRAT diet-bananas, rice, apples, toast - that's what I do. We should definitely get together during one of these dragging winter days!!!

Andrea said...

I'm glad she loves dance class. How cute!