Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am officially a soccer mom

I've had the van for a while now, but I finally have a child playing soccer. Caden had his first game tonight and I was so proud of him. He has been talking non-stop about playing soccer for the last week. We finally found him shin-guards yesterday. He tried them on at home and wouldn't take them off until his legs got hot and itchy.

I was really worried about signing him up because of our last experience with him and swimming, but he got right in there and went after the ball. He falls down a lot. Even more than a lot, but he looks good while he does it!

This was just because I thought it was funny!

There was a little bit of crying (once when he fell down he got stepped on) and major concern that he wasn't winning. It's hard to convince him that they aren't keeping score, and he is just supposed to play for fun and practice. All my competitive little boy knows is that the other team made more goals than his team, and he wanted to win, but he did enjoy his snack!

Mom and dad even came to watch his game! Thanks for the support guys! So, here is my question....Do I buy the jersey? I mean, technically, as long as he has a black or yellow shirt he is okay to play. I'm all for that. It saves me money and I don't think he's at an age to really care that he is the ONLY one without a jersey. But other people think that we should buy one. What should I do?


Andrea said...

Who was telling you that you should buy one?

Such a cute post. Way to go Caden!

michelle said...

borrow mine!!! they are expensive! remind me also:))

Rorie said...

He looks good out there. I say as long as he doesn't care about the jersey, no use spending money on it. Unless it's something you could use next year too, if it seems like he'll like it enough to do it again.

Loni said...

Take Michelle up on her generous offer to borrow their soccer shirt. He will grow too fast anyway.

Hill Family said...

My boys are obsessed with their jerseys. They wear them at least twice a week. I finally had to throw last year's away because it looked nasty! Good thing there's a new one to replace it with.
That said if they don't care...if it ain't broke don't fix it!