Saturday, September 17, 2011

Whiskey Springs (FHE)

Last Monday for family home evening the Linford's invited us to go with them to Whiskey Springs to roast marshmallows for FHE. When I told Dan he got really excited and started planning a dutch oven dinner to go along with it. He dragged out the dutch oven, chopped everything up, packed everything in (and I'm including the kids in this sentence even though I was originally referring to the food) and loaded it all. They waited for me to finish teaching my class and when I got home, we went up early to get things cooking! It's a pretty little place. Kember wanted to go exploring and hiking on the trails right away. The kids also had fun taking pictures. Kember has a good time with this, and only cut off a little bit of my head. But hey, it proves me and Milee were there!I set Milee down on the ground so I could do something and Dan asked what she had in her mouth. I told him it was probably a leaf and not a big deal. These things are big deals to Dan so he went over and fished out the "leaf". Turns out it wasn't a leaf but a cigarette butt. Ew...gross. Glad he fished that out. When the Collin, Michelle, and clan arrived, we ate, hiked a little, and made s'mores. Dan is teaching the kids how to make a fire. I think Caden is convinced that all you have to do is still the fire pit with a stick. One time when we were at the ranch we had a fire going, but it started to rain and either put the fire out, or let it go out. Anyway, the kids were outside playing and Jacob and the rest of the boys come running in. They were so excited that they started a fire! All they had to do was stir the ashed with a stick. Guess we didn't put the fire out very well. My favorite part of the evening was playing Missionary Tag after we finished eating. Everyone played, and it was really fun. I love watching my kids play games like that. We don't do that enough in our family, so it was great to be with Collin and Michelle, because they do. Also, their kids are really good to mine. The would slow down and let my kids think they were super fast and could beat them. They are just a really supportive family. Glad we live close by. It was a great FHE!


Andrea said...

What is missionary tag?

michelle said...

We had fun too!!!! I like inviting your family and Dan offering to cook for us all!!!

Rorie said...

So where is Whiskey Springs? I don't think I've ever heard of it before you and Collin blogged about it.
Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time there. And wow, you have to wear jackets? Crazy. :)

Loni said...

Love that my kids love to do things together. Love that they can. Love that the grandkids are learning to interact with each other. Love that the older grandkids watch out for the younger ones. Love it! :)

Yes, what is missionary tag

Great photos and look how many blogs you have done. Way to go!

Jillyn said...

oh my, look how big everyone has gotten!!!