Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day

This is the only picture I took on Labor Day, but I sure think it's a cute one! Cameron is really great with kids. Milee is fascinated by him.
Dan had to work (surprise, surprise) but he took Caden with him. He had the next two days off and decided that would be a good time to go back to St. George and get all the things we left behind. So, he took Caden with him. It was his idea too! It amazes me how much my children need each other. I love it. Kember and Cole kept asking when Caden would be back, and every time I would talk to Caden on the phone he would ask to talk to the kids. When he did get home it was dinner time and he turned to me very seriously and said, "Mom...after dinner can I play with Kember and Cole because I haven't played with anyone all day." Dan was a little offended...what is he, chopped liver? but I had to laugh. I love that my children love each other. Some day, probably sooner than I'd like, I'm sure they are going to start fighting like cats and dogs...but right now I love it. Now that Kember is in school the boys are playing more and more with each other, and it's really cute.
Oh, back to Labor Day. I invited myself to a BB-Q at Andrea's that my parents and Cameron were going to. It was a really nice relaxing day. We just hung out at Andrea's while the guys went golfing. The kids entertained themselves, and we just visited. We ate a great meal (Yes, Matt and Cameron, it was great despite the fact I forgot the hamburger and we only had hot dogs...heaven forbid). I love living close to family so we can do things like this. I miss St. George..(especially now that the weather is getting cooler. I may have to dig out the kids jackets from somewhere in the next couple days.) However I'm getting more and more involved with different things so that's been helpful. The boys will start a preschool with some moms in the ward, we have play-group, I talked today to a girl about starting a book club, I'm going to volunteer every Tuesday in Kember's class, we have story time at the library, and I'm going to teach two community theater classes for a few months. It's a start, right?


Andrea said...

Busy, busy mom.

Sorry again about not thinking to invite you to the BBQ. It was also a surprise to me-Matt forgot to tell me he'd invited people. ;) But, very glad you called, and came. Thanks for the corn and hot dogs. ;)

Loni said...

Love the picture. I'd like to get an 8 x 11 size in black and white or sepia. Do you think I can?
It was a good time and so glad you were part of it.

Rorie said...

Wow, look at how busy you are! :)
I absolutely love that picture. So cute.

michelle said...

glad you are happy! We love having you closer