Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chop chop

Kember has been wanting to chop her hair off for quite some time. Which in my opinion was sad because she had beautiful long hair (which didn't always look beautiful because someone didn't always do it...). Dan didn't like the idea because he likes long hair. He was trying to talk her out of it, and when he asked, "Why do you want to cut your hair?" She answered, "So I can give it to kids who don't have any!" And can you argue with that? So, I got off my rear and told her that after Christmas we could go get it cut. Apparently there is a hair school in Heber (who knew?) and so we loaded everyone up and went over. I think she looks adorable. But when they first cut it off I said, "Wow, that's short!" She really likes it though, and I think it makes her look a lot older. And, I even mailed off the hair to Locks-of-Love....I'm pretty impressed with myself (even if it did take a couple weeks to do it).
You look beautiful babe!


Loni said...

Proud of you Kember, willing to give what you can give.

Proud of Tarah and all her recent blogs. Keep up the good work.

Trista Teeter said... does make her look much older! lol...not what you want to hear I'm sure, but it's amazing what a hair cut will do.

What a sweet girl!! Squeeze her tight! She's amazing!

Andrea said...

Such a cutie!

Laurene said...

Memories of when Bethany was perhaps a bit older and begged for the same thing when her hair was gorgeous and down to her waist. She also got her wish.