Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Kember, you're missing something!

Well, it finally happened. Kember has lost a tooth (actually, at this time she's lost two...). It surprised me quite a bit because she didn't get her teeth until she was really old (for a baby) so I was expecting her to lose he teeth a little later. She was sooo excited about it though. She had me make a little toothfairy bag where you keep your tooth and the tooth fairy leaves a surprise inside. She lost another tooth a couple days later and the toothfairy almost forgot to come...Oops. The first night the tooth fairy didn't leave it in a good place and when Kember woke up she was very concerned that she could find anything under her pillow. The tooth fairy needs to work on her placement. The bag fell off her bed and on the floor. It was very worrying to this little girl.She loves to stick her tongue out of the little hole in her mouth. She's kind of cute!


Andrea said...

Wow, you made a Tooth Fairy Bag?! Good for you!

Andrea said...

Is that blood on her finger in the bottom picture?

Loni said...

What is a tooth fairy bag? We always used a tissue or a piece of toilet paper the wrap around the discharged item. But then it does seem as if one of Andrea's friends gave her a tooth fairy pillow???
Kember is cute.

Rorie said...

It was one of my friends. And I lost it at some point and was so bummed. Wonder what ever happened to it?
Can't wait til Joey gets to join with Kember in the gap-toothed grin. Not quite sure how the tooth fairy is going to manage extracting his tooth from the top bunk though. That should be interesting.