Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday thots/activities/musings

*This picture has nothing to do with anything, but hey, it's a Chicken! Wahoo! Got to love the chicken.

Whew...what a day. Glad it's over, even if it was a pretty good day. Eleven o'clock church is nice in the way that you can take you time to get ready and sleep in a little. It's awful in every other way. Seriously, give me 9 am church any day. Maybe I'll feel differently when my kids are grown, but right now...11:00 = blah. Anyway, I realized the other day that my temple recommend was expired (how embarrassing) so I got an appointment set up today for 10. I thought Sunday was the day to do it because Dan is normally home, but he had to work today, so I lugged all the kids to church an hour early and told them to just wait for me. And they did. And they were good. And quiet. And just cute. Instead of going home after the interview we just stayed at the church. I'm not sure if that was wise or not, but that's what we did. I actually thought to bring toys for Milee to play with and the kids all jumped on them and played for the 40 minutes that we were waiting for church to start. I didn't have to take Milee out once during Sacrament, which was nice. However, I did have to take Cole out. Apparently he got really distressed that he didn't get to take the bread. Why he didn't get any is beyond me. It was right in front of him, but for whatever reason he didn't get any. And he also didn't get a nap. So, with those two combined he had a major melt down....over bread. Weird. Whatever. He eventually calmed down and we went back in. I love that he enjoys his Sunday classes so much. I'm thankful that all my kids go to their classes now with no problems (progress you know...progress). It struck me today that they are growing up. Sigh. Kember doesn't wait for me anymore. She runs off to class by herself. Gets drinks by herself, goes around the church by herself. Don't get me's nice and convenient but still sad that she's getting so big. And it's rubbing off on the boys. Ah well.
Missionaries spoke in church today, and the ward mission leader. The last guy made a comment that got me thinking. He said something like, "Are we focusing on the people or on the possession?" It made me think about my parenting style (or lack there of I suppose). I think I spend more time focusing on the possession rather than the people. Things to work on, things to change.
After church I dragged the kids back to get my recommend signed by the stake presidency. We had a wait a little bit longer this time. A lot of people had the same idea I did. They were all really nice though, and played with the kids. After a while I sent the kids off to go listen to the choir practice. Some random people watched the kids for me while I went in. Aren't random people nice? I love friendly people.
Milee is so funny. She chooses the most random times to be shy, and even more random times to be outgoing. She was really tired today at church (did I mention 11 isn't my favorite church time?) but during Sunday School she just goes right up to this random grandpa guy and leans against him. She'd come back to me for food, and then go right back up to him and lean on him again. Weird. She won't go to people we know and see all the time, but random grandpa guys, sure why not.
All in all it was a great day. Church is tiring under the best circumstances (totally worth it, don't misread me) but even more exhausting soloing it without Dan. Maybe someday his schedule will be better. Here's hoping.
Oh, and I got a calling today! I am so excited. I've been wanting a calling for 6 months. I'm on the mid-week RS activity (or whatever it's called now) committee. I'm excited. It's nothing big, but it will get me involved. Should be really good.


Loni said...

I love your random reports.
I'm also impressed that you had the kids ready an hour early and that you were able to get them back to your second interview. Sounds like parenting to me.

Rorie said...

Yay for your calling! :)I was on that committee once. Come to think of it, I was never released, so I guess technically I still am. :)
I'm the exact opposite of you. Give me 11AM church any day. 9AM is sheer torture. Getting myself and 4 kids ready to go and out the door before 9AM? Yeah, doesn't really happen. And no matter what time church is, it messes with naps right now. :)
You reminded me that my recommend expires at the end of the month. Which is Wednesday. I've reminded myself of this no fewer than 1/2 a dozen times. And yet, I still haven't done anything more than tell myself to schedule an interview. I'm going to go write it on my fridge right now. So...thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging!
Carol Lee

Andrea said...

Wow, I'm not sure how I missed this post. Cute! Hope you enjoy the new calling.

Andrea said...

So . . . you haven't blogged for A LONG TIME. Here is your gentle nudge to get on it sister. ;)