Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five years and counting

Well, it happened. My sweet little boy had another birthday. Really, another one? Well, I suppose it is inevitable. Since Caden's birthday was on Sunday we celebrated more the next day. Although he did think I was pretty cool when I made him stuffed french toast for his breakfast that morning! (It was yummy too...and pretty. Go figure) We drove to Aurora, and celebrated a little bit there. Caden is still waiting to celebrate with the Linford's (we got sick and cancelled...which wasn't hard cause I only told my mom about it...hmmm....good thing we cancelled) and his friend party. That will come in time. I'm just a little lazy now. It's actually all planned, Caden planned it with me about a month ago, I just need to invite people. Are we seeing a pattern here? I'm definitely seeing something.
Anyway, the party in Aurora wasn't much, but I did run to the dollar store and buy some balloons, Crepe paper, and a banner (and a special cupcake and cake...for some reason Caden really really really wanted a store bought cake. I was going to be offended, but it definitely saved me time :). I had the kids decorate and Caden kept saying, "This is the best party ever!" Who needs games? Just blow up some balloons and have the kids tape stuff to different places! See the pretty wrap job? (And the lovely chocolate cake face?) That would be grandma. Me, I'm a Linford, and we don't wrap...we use the bags from Wal-Mart where we bought the present. (Okay other Linford's, no correcting me if this isn't true...just go with me on this.)
Caden was really hard to shop for. We kept asking him what he wanted and he said, "I don't care...something boyish." Well, at least he didn't ask for something girly :)And just because I think she's cute...Maybe after we have the friend party I will post more pictures, guarantees.


michelle said...

Happy Birthday Caden! Hope you are feeling better Tarah.

Andrea said...

Sweet mask. Did you get the idea from Jonas?

Loni said...

Personally I'm looking forward to the friend party because then you can blog again.
Love the blogs (okay that word only took me three tries to type)

Rorie said...

I agree with mom. :)
Happy birthday to Caden! Wow, I can't believe he's 5. Crazy.