Sunday, April 27, 2008


So this is why you should pay attention to your children and not waste time blogging. Or if you are going to waste time (who can blame you) this is why your computer should be in a room where you can watch your children at the same time.

The box of Bisquick was new (only used once) and the culprit looks like Caden, and while he did have loads of fun playing in it (he was covered head to toe) Kember was the one who actually started it. I was checking my e-mail and looking at some friends blogs and I heard the kids playing with something.

"What are you doing Kember"


"Are you having fun"


Pause..."Are you making messes?"


I had just barely vacuumed. Right when I came out Jermey knocked on the door to drop off Maeli for the morning. Well, I'm proud to say instead of getting mad, I grabbed my camera instead.


Andrea said...

Capturing your kids playing in Bisquick--PRICELESS!

Loni said...

I love it! You made me laugh.

Rorie said...

Oh, so funny! Even funnier, because it didn't happen to me...good for you for grabbing your camera. I love that picture of Caden sitting in it.

Anonymous said...

Your patience is astounding!
Carol Lee