Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Kember is actually asking to wear clothes now! Wahoo! She even woke up from her nap crying because she wanted a shirt on, and once I gave her her shirt she was crying for pants. Go Kember!


Loni said...

Excellent. Way to go Kember :)

Andrea said...

I thought your title was about you blogging two days in a row. ;)

It's great that you don't have a nudist on your hands.

And, then, on the other side of things, I can't tell you how many "fights" Zoie and I have had over which clothes she's wearing.

Rorie said...

Andrea, that's why I let Joey wear whatever. As long as he's the one that puts it on, who cares if it matches? After all, you've seen how his dad dresses. :)

michelle said...

I didn't know Kember had a dislike for clothes. We have problems keeping socks on. I find them all over the house, especially from the older girls!!!

Heidi said...

Hooray for Kember!! (or should I say hooray for Tarah!?!)

To answer your question- Colbie could care less that I am gone every morning. she is having so much fun with her auntie- that i don't think she even notices that I am gone!