Sunday, April 27, 2008


Easter was rather uneventful with Dan being gone. We did end up going to the Stake Primary Activity, the city Easter Egg hunt, and I got stuff for the kids for Easter, but didn't end up doing baskets this year. I'd love to be able to say it was because I was focusing on the true meaning of Easter and teaching my children about the resurection, but um...I was just lazy. I had fun doing Sharing Time that Sunday though. Here are some pictures of the city Easter Egg Hunt. I was just proud of myself for being able to find it.

It was very very cold and windy and Kember didn't really get the whole pick up the egg and put it in your basket. Which really confused me because she's done it a lot before and loved it. I originally intended for her to run rampid and help Caden in his section, but since she didn't get it, and the other little kids and their parents were...not...hmm...sharing? Caden didn't do it and neither really did Kember.

Oh, and at the Stake Activity I wanted to get a picture of Kember with the Easter Bunny, but she was terrified of it (the costume was a little freaky). In fact, she is still scared of the Easter Bunny. Oops.

This has nothing to do with Easter, but since Dan was gone, we ate dinner on the floor one night. It was rather entertaining and lasted a good 10 minutes.


Andrea said...

Hey, what's that Sesame Street thing you're eating on? I probably need to find one of those for under my table.

Loni said...

Is Caden eating a peach and holding a piece of black licorice?

I love how you get down to the kids level. Most moms can't do that.