Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Break

I was always under the assumption I wrote about Spring Break. Since this blog is counting as my journal I feel duty bound to report some of our activities that joyous occasion known as Spring Break. Keep in mind that that was well over a month ago (beginning of March) and my memory does not serve that long, which is why we take pictures to remind of that yes, something did indeed happen during that time.
-As always a 14 hour drive with two kids! This time we broke up the drive and stayed overnight in Boise. While it was very nice to do this once, I think I'd rather just get to my destination.

-Portable DVD player (thanks mom and dad...great christmas present a couple years ago, and a lifesaver I might add). This works really well unless you forget the car charger. Then you just have a screaming Kember yelling, "Movie! I wanna watch -- (insert cartoon movie name here)." I have discovered that it is much better to not bring it out at all, then to just watch a movie till the player runs out of juice.

-Yeast infection. Yep, because one of my kids always gets one right before we leave to go home. I'm not exaggerating...always!

-Dan in charge of the snacks for drive. Not my smartest idea. I thought it was a good one so I could take care of other things, but apparently he was really thirsty at the time of shopping, so we got a few snacks and a lot of drinks. We didn't bring sippy cups for the kids and the drinks that were purchased were not kid (under 3) friendly.

-Not running into anyone I knew. This always happens to me when I go home, and I'm never looking my best. So this time, I got ready every time we ventured out and low and one. Rock on.

-Convincing mom to make dad my favorite salad. She's game, and she does it (for a RS function) and doesn't like the salad at all. Oh well, it's still my favorite.

-The rest of the highlights can be better expressed through pictures. Here they are.
-Free food (well, not really free since you pay to stay at the hotel, but it makes me feel better to think of it as free). Notice, we are "All done!" And yes, I am aware I look stupid in this picture.
-Convincing Caden that the water is fun to play in. He hated it, but was eventually convinced to splash in it waist high.

-Convincing Kember that the pool wasn't too cold to play in and it would be fun to be in there with Daddy (since it was hard to have both Kember and Caden in the hot tub). I might add that I think I'm rather brave posting pictures of me in a swimming suit. Look at my inhibitions fly away. Oh, and Kember learned how to put her swimming suit on all by herself, which is why it's on backwards, but hey, I didn't have to do it.

Fire Truck #1Fire Truck #2Fire Truck #3
The morning we left I convinced Dan to let me take the kids swimming one more time before we checked out. Not such a good idea, but only because of the fire alarm, and the rain, and the fact we had to vacate the premises in our swimming suites. Yes, again I felt rather stupid. It was a false alarm, but three fire trucks showed up. Good job to the local fire department.
-Celebrating my dad's birthday. I'm not sure how old he turned...but it was something like 60, although if you look closely at the candles, there are seven. So he's either really immature, or really really old (or my family just can't count).

-Caden rides a tractor...naked of course, because how else would my children be?

-Caden discovers the joys of the ranch, and sleeps through most of it.

-We have an early Easter picnic and Aussie the dog steals my sandwich. Bad Dog.
-While we were picnicing Kember found a stash of Easter Eggs in the front yard and raids them. So much for the Easter Egg hunt. Poor Caden missed out completely. You snooze you lose.

-We try swimming one more time in Grandma and Grandpa J's hot tub. Caden still doesn't like it and manages to fall into the hot tub, which didn't help at all.
It was good to visit with both families. We had a great time. I even convinced Dan to stay a day longer than was planned, which was probably good considering the weather. We drove straight through on the way back, and it was wonderful to be back in Pullman.


Andrea said...

You forgot to write how you guys leave at 3:00 am to drive all the way through. What troopers (or crazies).

Fun pictures!

Loni said...

Make note that Kember likes to hunt for Easter eggs if there are no other children around.

thanks for the memories.