Monday, January 14, 2008

105 things about Dan

1. He loves computer games
2. I can’t get his attention when he’s into said games
3. He likes to look nice for church
4. He hates getting kid gunk on him during church
5. He loves to eat, and I don’t mean just the food. He likes to savor things. Food should be an experience, not a chore.
6. If he wasn’t going to be a Vet, he once told me that he would be a chief
7. He then said he didn’t like to cook all the time (welcome to my world)
8. He can make-up a recipe and it actually tastes really good (unlike me…I follow a recipe and it doesn’t taste good)
9. He likes gourmet hot chocolate
10. He hates cats – well, he’s scared of them
11. He can stick his arm up the backside of a cow, and walk knee high in crap, but changing a diaper sets his gag reflex going
12. He likes to set goals and is a goal oriented person
13. He is a blue personality
14. He is a great leader when he’s passionate about what he’s leading
15. He would make a great senator, representative, government person except others comments really affect him
16. His favorite food is his mom’s meatloaf
17. He puts BB-Q sauce on most meat dishes
18. He is a BB-Q sauce snob. It can not be a generic brand. It has to be KC Masterpiece, Sweetbaby Ray’s, or something like that
19. He won’t eat generic brand Ritz crackers…we have to buy Ritz
20. He loves salsa
21. He likes to find exotic salsa’s (He had one with raspberries or something in Logan and he’s been raving about it ever since
22. His favorite candy bar is a Kit Kat
23. His favorite color is blue
24. His favorite horse is named Bullet
25. When we build a house he wants there to be a secret room
26. When he dreams, he dreams big
27. He has major heartburn/acid reflux problems and will probably have to have surgery on it eventually
28. He has a dry sense of humor
29. He’s hilarious
30. He’s even funnier when he’s with his brother and its late at night
31. He isn’t really a people person, but he has great people skills
32. He interviews really well, and is able to really sell himself
33. He likes his alone time
34. He needs down time when he comes home from school or work
35. This down time usually lasts for at least two hours and it takes place on the computer
36. He hates it when I’m mad
37. He really hates it when I’m mad at him
38. Because of this he’s really good at trying to fix my problems
39. He likes a clean house, but doesn’t clean (unless it really gets to him and he can’t stand it anymore, and then he makes me help him…which makes me mad, which starts the fixing problems cycle)
40. He would love it if dinner was ready for him every night
41. He has one brother and no sisters
42. He has a hard time understanding women (although, he would say, “who doesn’t?”
43. He has a lot of his dad’s characteristics and I hope he ends up just like him
44. He was in the Sunshine Generation as a child
45. He played with Cabbage Patch dolls as a child (ask his mom about it)
46. He loves Legos
47. He loves to build stuff
48. He wants lots of tools
49. He wants a parrot
50. His dog’s name is Curry (although how he can still call it his when it lives in Utah at the ranch and he hasn’t even taken care of it is beyond me. Right after he bought it he went back to school and couldn’t have a dog so his mom got stuck with it. She got him his shots and everything.)
51. He loves curried food
52. He served his mission in the Caribbean, and while he didn’t learn another language, he learned another dialect and it’s fun to hear him speak it.
53. He’s “followed” his cousin Ira to three different colleges (Snow, Utah State, Washington State). Okay, he really didn’t purposely follow him, it was just a coincidence, but we joke about it all the time. If Ira takes a job in Tremonton I think Dan should follow him there too!
54. He was on the All-State A & B Football team in high school
55. He used to be a lurp (tall and skinny) in high school
56. He was in a couple of plays during school, including The 12 Dancing Princesses and he had to wear tights.
57. He was a Sterling Scholar
58. He has a pretty good sense of direction and can’t understand where my own lack thereof comes from
59. He is a very logical person
60. He is a third year Vet student
61. He wants to work in a mixed practice
62. He doesn’t want to live back East
63. He wants to live in the middle of nowhere but in the middle of town, but with no neighbors around him…good luck, eh?
64. He enjoys watching movies
65. He doesn’t like to go to bed alone
66. When he hangs up a shirt in the closet he puts the shirt on the hanger crooked (I can’t explain it, but it’s weird)
67. He likes the table to be cleared off
68. It bugs him when he can’t sit on the couch because there is stuff on it (normally laundry I’m in the process of folding)
69. He doesn’t like unloading the dishwasher
70. He is pretty good about doing his dishes if the dishwasher is unloaded and he knows that it is
71. He loves to read and will hide in the bedroom for hours until I send in the kids to get him
72. He likes to go to the library
73. He likes to go grocery shopping (although, this might be just so we get the food he wants instead of the bland cheap stuff I would get)
74. He likes spicy food
75. He loves to get a good deal when he’s shopping
76. He likes to shop
77. He has to be in the mood to shop, and it has to be for something that interests him
78. He’s a morning person
79. The only times I hear him swear is in the car (not necessarily while the car is moving or while he’s driving…just in the car)
80. He drives a mini-van
81. He sold his Ford Ranger truck to buy the mini-van and it broke his heart
82. He can’t spell extremely well
83. He gets headaches frequently
84. He likes Dr. Pepper but I won’t let him buy it unless he is going to be driving for a long distance
85. Ibuprofen is the only thing that works for him…not Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, etc. when he hurts
86. He is mild tempered unless he’s hungry or tired
87. He plays his music really loud
88. He has to have quiet to study, but he has to study with his study music…really loud
89. His study music is upbeat classical stuff
90. If he feels he said something stupid or had a bad experience then he replays it in his head over and over and over again
91. He is very creative
92. When he scratches his head and he’s wearing a hat he holds his hat in the same hand he scratches his head with (a dad characteristic, which his brother does as well)
93. He likes it when I wear perfume
94. He’s done a great job on my B-days (except the one he forgot) and Christmas.
95. He doesn’t do so well on our Anniversary
96. He took the GRE on our 1st Anniversary
97. He wore white socks with his black tux on our wedding day
98. He purposed to me after his dad told him to (I really like his dad)
99. 3 days before he asked me to marry him he told me we “needed more time to mature our relationship”
100. He is a proud father of two
101. He doesn’t like to dress Kember because he says that I’ll just end up changing whatever he put her in (boy, I did it once and I’m branded for life, I’m sorry okay)
102. If I got to bed before him he thinks it’s great fun to wake me up to say good night
103. He can fall asleep in 20 sec. if he’s tired, 2 – 5 minutes if he isn’t tired, and a lot longer if it’s hot
104. He likes to tickle me, especially since if I tickle him back it means war, and he always wins because he is so much bigger than I am (and the name of the game is “Dan wins)
105. I love him so much, and I’m very proud of him. He is greatness in its beginning stages and I can’t wait to see how the greatness forms. I love you Dan!


Dan said...

I love you too babe!

Loni said...

This is great.

Andrea said...

Very nice. Just have to say I thought it was hilarious that he said he wanted to be a chief if he wasn't a vet. Since the next item was about food, I guessed you meant chef, but I just laughed when I thought it was chief.

Rorie said...

This is awesome, Tarah.

Jennie said...

Tarah - I really enjoyed reading this. Since I never met Dan it was fun to get to know him. It's so wierd how we can spend so much of our lives together in the same ward and yet not know much about what our current lives are like. It sounds like he is a great fit for you and I'm happy for you. It totally cracks me up that he can't change a diaper without gagging and yet he can put his arm up a cows bum. I think he just needs some more diaper practice!