Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice Skating

After wasting most of the day we decided to go to the Stake Ice Skating Social. We invited our friends Heidi, Justin, and Colbie and saw a lot of other people we knew there. It was a lot of fun, but cold. In fact, I think it was colder inside the building than outside. Things are starting to warm up here a little bit. Coming home it was a whopping 35 degrees. Not bad...not bad at all.

So I took this picture of Kember right before we left and bundled her up. I didn't think she'd enjoy this outing so I wanted a happy picture of her. She ended up loving it and didn't mind the cold until we were finished skating and just standing around talking.

The reason Dan looks a little funny here is because he was stopping to talk to some people. I have no idea why the picture is so bad. Our camera is dying a slow death and it's time to start thinking about a new one.

These little things are the greatest. Colbie and Kember just had a blast pushing it around the ice rink. They are really good there to let you push your stroller on the ice too. We buckled Caden in some random persons (a friend of a friend) stroller and everyone took turns pushing the babies around. We didn't skate long...maybe a half hour, and I skated even less, but it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad the stake takes the time and effort to put activities like this on.
So I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm getting more addicted to Dan's gamecube than he is. We went over to a friends house for dinner and they had a game called Donkey Konga. It's like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero only with drums (bongos). Anyway, I was hooked, and so with my Christmas money I bought the game and two sets of bongos. It finally came in the mail yesterday (took long enough...I've been waiting and waiting and telling my friends all about it) and it's a blast. We even let Kember and Caden bang on the bongos. I plan on bringing it to the Linford family reunion this summer to see how coordiated everyone is. That should be funny. Dan beats me every time! It's pretty sad that I have no rhythm, but it's still fun to play.


Jer and Jules said...

Those are some cute pictures! I had no idea your hair was so so so SO long! It looks so pretty! We're on activities committee in our ward, it's a fun calling. Planning good activities is very fulfilling, and knowing people enjoyed them makes it that much better.

Aunt Gayle said...

Tarah, cute pictures. It's too bad Dan is pigeon-toed! (Just kidding Dan). It sounds like your ward is very fun and interested in getting members and neighbors and friends involved together.

P.S. I think the "no-rhythm-thing" is from the Linford side. Too bad Mark passed it on to my kids too.

Aunt Gayle said...

P.P.S. I really like your blog--the picture on top is great.

Teeter Family said...

So cool about the thingy at the ice rink!!! I figured there is no way I can take Brook before she's like...5. Hmmm...maybe! Although probably not here. Doh.

And woot-woot for video games! Granted it's a complete miracle if I find one I like, but when I do, look out!! Trista's turn! :D

Rorie said...

Gayle must be right, because I have no rhythm whatsoever. Nate laughs at me about it. Hopefully Joey will not inherit that trait from me.
That ice skating activity sounds like a lot of fun. Cold, but fun.

Heidi said...

We had so much fun. Thank you so much for inviting us!! We are really going to miss you and your family!

Loni said...

That pushy thing is a great idea. Is the rink inside or out? Do the wheels on strollers turn when being pushed on ice? I've never thought about that before.

It does look like a fund activity.

bongo drums??? I don't get it.

Andrea said...

That looks like fun! I'm pretty shocked there's no rink here--it's certainly cold enough. :)

I'm looking forward to trying the bongos out.

Oh, and I really like how your header turned out. Did you end up using Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

How funny about the new game! I've never heard of that one. But, Shane loves dance, dance revolution.