Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Truly Blessed

Well, I did it. I took three kids out of the house and into a store. Yep, I'm proud of myself, it was a big deal for me. I took them all to the bank (thank goodness for drive-through banking) and then I made the trip to Wal-Mart. They were all really good and the only thing that was hard was figuring out how to get everyone in the store. I had Maeli in the carseat in one arm, Caden in the other arm, and then I decided it was best if Kember held onto the carseat. I usually make her hold my hand, but since I didn't have a free hand the carseat worked...until she slipped on some ice. She was fine, but it did prove to be an interesting afternoon.
I wanted to post some pictures of Kembers dance class (called Mini-Stars; the program is called Rising Stars), but apparently those are lost as well. Luckily my friend Heidi e-mailed me some, so here are a few for viewing enjoyment.
Kember started singing "I Am A Child of God" today. I was really surprised because we don't sing it that often. Occasionally in the car when I'm completely out of options and Old MacDonald one more time would kill me, and occasionally for family night. The Nursery must sing it every sunday. Anyway, she was just singing away, and when we sang it again for FHE (ya, we did it tonight instead of yesterday) Dan was really impressed. He always gets really shocked when she learns something like that. He asks, "Where did she learn that?" I really like to tell him that I've been working on it with her, but I definitely can't take credit for this one, it's all the Nursery. We decided that the lesson they learn on Sunday is what we are going to teach them for FHE. Today the lesson was on the creation. It was kind of fun to talk about the things Heavenly Father and Jesus made.

Caden has finally started to sign "please". He doesn't do it right, but we are taking it as a please. He also shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want something, and sometimes he just starts shaking his head. He squints at us with a cheesy grin, and I hope it's becauses he's trying to wink or just be cute...I'm worried that it's because he can't see though. Boy, if he got my eyesight he is going to be doomed.

The pipes in our bathroom sort of froze this morning. Holy cow it's cold. At 11:00 the morning with the sun brightly shining it was 17 degrees. Way too cold for me. Anyway...Dan got up early this morning and was going to get in the shower, but there was no cold water. Yes, you read that right. We only had hot water (and it was steaming hot) no cold. I find that funny and very ironic, but there you have it. The pipes couldn't have been too frozen though, because by mid-day the cold water was running again and the toilet would flush. Needless to say, we are letting the water run in the taps now so Dan can take showers that are a good temperature. We are really lucky that nothing serious happened to the pipes because I think we'd have to pay for it if they broke. Anyway, we are definitely watched over and blessed.


Andrea said...

Cute, cute, cute pictures! I'm very tempted to have Zoie in a dance class, but I want her to take gymnastics instead. She'd probably like dance more though. I'm torn. At least she doesn't know dance is an option.

Rorie said...

That dance class looks like so much fun! (for those who actually have some coordination, of course. And yes, I bet Kember has more than I do.)
Sorry about the pipes freezing. Weird how you only had hot water. Guess that makes a bit of sense. Hot water would help thaw out the frozen part, right?

Jer and Jules said...

I wish I could have seen your juggling act at the store, sounds pretty interesting (of course if I were there, I'd have probably helped). Those pictures are adorable, I love seeing little girls in dance outfits cuz they're so stinkin cute!

Loni said...

Wonderful pictures. Tell us about dance class. Is Kember learning to dance or just socialize? How often does she attend?

Congrats on the shopping with three children, excursion.

Heidi said...

I love the picture with the girls with their arms up in the air. It is one of my favorites!

Grandma J. said...

You are braver than most to take three to the store...but then you always have been adventurous and willing to try new things. One thing Kember seems to be learning in her dance class to watch the teacher and stay focused. At least in the pictures. That's good.