Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The thrill, the excitement, the....let down?

Yes, it's official, we now have the internet! Dan has been waiting and anxiously pacing for his new harddrive and internet stuff to come, and today was the day. He said that today was a really long day because he wanted to come home and play with his new toys (although, when he got home they hadn't come yet). So after all the suspense and aggitation the UPS man delivered Dan's things (I even had to ask the neighbor to accept the packages because I was going to be gone for an hour and Dan couldn't handle another day or two wait). This picture is him opening the internet stuff. He's a cutie isn't he. Anyway, the reason for the let down is because for some reason we don't have any disks/cds of our operating system before our computer crashed. We only had the old system from a different computer. I don't understand it all (Dan really tried to explain it, but I was cranky and out of sorts) but the old operating system wouldn't recognize the ethernet cable? which meant that the internet wouldn't work on Dan's computer. After calling Dell and working some stuff out they are going to send him the stuff he needs. He ended up putting the internet on our lap top (thanks mom and dad, you've saved us once again). If any of this isn't correct or doesn't make sense, talk to Dan. I tried.

So, Caden had his year check up today. Our little tyke (and I mean that literally) is in the 4th percentile for weight and around the 20's for height. So much for thinking I can turn him around in the car seat soon. Poor Caden...five shots and a iron test, which in my opinion hurts more than the shots. I know they only pricked his toe, but when my iron gets tested, it tends to hurt quite a bit more than I think a little prick should. On top of that his diaper rash is back in full swing. But at least we found out that it's a yeast infection on top of the diaper rash. I thought it looked like one (trust me, I have plenty of experience from all of Kembers), but I thought, "Boys don't get these as easily, so it must be something else." Apparently diaper yeast infections are quite common in boys and just as easy to get. So now I know the problem, we can get it fixed. Anyway, he was having quite a rough day today what with one thing and another. While he was screaming away at the doctor's I did discover two new teeth coming in. So he has two more coming in on the bottom, and two more coming in on the top. He will have a whole 8 teeth really soon here. Poor guy, apparently the saying "when it rains it pours" is true for him.


Andrea said...

Poor little guy! So, how much does he weigh? I guess turning him around would mean you have to buy a new carseat, right?

Harper Family said...

Hey Tarah!

Yeah! You have a blog too! I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to put your blog on my page. Your postings are make me laugh. I hope Caden's diaper rash goes away soon!
See you around,

Thorne Family said...

Poor little guy, that's a lot to deal with! I'm sure he'll grow soon enough, probably really quickly too. Have fun with all of that!

By the way, my husband gets all excited about computer stuff too, and I'm like you-it's all confusing and stuff to me.

Rorie said...

Aw, poor little dude! Hey, at least he's still on the scale for weight. I think Joey dropped off of it quite awhile ago. How's his head size? Joey's is huge, compared to the rest of him. LOL.
Hope you get the internet stuff figured out soon! (And yeah, Nate's tried to explain stuff like that to me before too...)