Friday, January 11, 2008

Too much TV?

This is a very typical scene at my house...except the floor is normally a lot more, shall we say, cluttered. Boy, I wonder what they were watching, that looks scary doesn't it? Anyway, today Kember did the cutest thing when she was eating breakfast this morning. It went something like this.
“I swallowed bug!”
“You swallowed a bug?”
“Was it a little bug, or a big bug”
“little bug”
“what color was the bug?”
The blue bug got stuck half way down, and she had to tell it to “go down bug” She then went on to swallow two green bugs and a pink bug. She said that the green bugs were the best tasting. She was eating Marshmallow Mates at the time and I think the marshmallows became the bugs.
“I swallowed a bug!” comes from Disney’s A Sword in the Stone, which is one of her favorite movies. She always want to watch "Sword".

I'm very proud of myself today. Kember woke up from her nap and she was hungry. She said that she wanted to eat some ice cream (is that typical for little kids to just randomly want ice cream, we really don't have it all that much). I asked her if she wanted vegetables instead (yes, mom, i was thinking of you). She said she did, so that's what she got, and low and behold, she actually ate them too! Wahoo!! She ate more than cereal and fishy crackers today (although, she did have quite a few of those too)!

Caden seems to be feeling better. He's been just a little grouch lately. I was supposed to go to a baby shower last night, but he was screaming uncontrollably for about an hour. It was those frustrating crys where he wants to be picked up, so you pick him up and he doesn't want to be picked up, but when you put him down he starts to flop and hits his head. Way fun. Anyway, the point I forgot I was making was that he was all smiles least at McDonalds (he got a lot of veggies and fruit today too mom, i promise). The all smiles, ready to giggle, laugh, run faster than he really can, wants to play Caden is who we've been missing lately, but was seen again today. He already has his two top middle teeth and I think the teeth on each side just popped through. I hope that is the reason for this awful diaper rash he's been experiencing. It still looks pretty bad, but it's slowly healing. Hopefully with the teeth poking out, that will help.

Well, I have babysat for a full week so far, and we are all still alive and happy. Better yet, it didn't seem to be a week at all, and we still really like Maeli! Caden especially likes her, but she isn't too fond of him. I can't imagine why, I mean everytime he's around her he's always poking her and taking her binky or something else...what's not to like about the little guy? Kember is a little mother to her. When Maeli crys Kember says, "shh shhh shhhh, it okay" and pats her on the head. The she comes running to me to tell me that Maeli is crying. It's cute, and we like her. So far, it's been a great experience for all of us (okay, I can't speak for the kids, but for me at least).

Well, this bracelet no complain thing (see first blog if you don't know what i mean) is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I apparently complain a lot...but I try to complain nicely...okay, complaining just isn't nice and I need to catch myself before things come out of my mouth. I blame the weather though. I wouldn't be complaining about snow removal if it wasn't snowing! At least I haven't caught myself bad mouthing people...that counts for something, right? Well, I'll keep trying to be better.


Rorie said...

My whole validation for the TV thing is that Joey's learning things that he probably wouldn't learn otherwise. (Good things, not bad ones) That counts for something, right?

My other excuse for the extended TV time is that I'm just too tired to do anything else. That one is a bit more pathetic, but it works for me!

Kirsten said...

Our little guy watches TV shows too. I read that it's better to have your child watch TV if you need a break, then to have an unhappy Mommy. Also, Aquaphor works wonders on diaper rashes.

Loni said...

Tarah grew up watching tv cause I was too busy doing mother person things. I think she turned out alright. However the tv things are more vicious, bad, weird, than they were then

Andrea said...

I am so glad you're blogging. It is so fun to read about what's up. This is stuff we don't really chat about on the phone.

I need a bracelet too!