Saturday, January 19, 2008

How hard can it be?

Alright. So, let me just start out by saying that I'm not a fashionable any sense of the word. Clothes, hair, make-up, even home decorating...not so much. However, today I decided that I would give it a shot. My home could use some sprucing up, and I thought I knew what I wanted. A slip cover. Yep, a slip cover for my couch so that it would match the three things I wanted it to match (Our home is such a hodge-podge of things that we've collected that nothing really matches, but I find it gives my home character). I found what I thought I wanted at Ross, and for a great price. $30.00 for a slip cover is not bad I found out. Anyway, once I get home I'm really excited about it and I make Dan try to help me put it on. I've watched Trading Spaces. I know slip covers can be tricky, but "how hard can it really be?" I think to myself. Dan didn't last that long and ended up hiding in the computer room. I was vaguely distraught, but I thought to myself, "I don't need him, how hard can it be?" Okay, ten minutes later and it still isn't working. "Fine. I'll call Beth. She has a slip cover." I place the call and I must have sounded pretty pathetic. Even though it's snowing pretty hard out, Beth and her little family come to the rescue! Kind turns out that I have t-cusions and the slip cover I bought was not for t-cushions. Beth actually made it look pretty good, and we were discussing different options to make it look better (throw pillows for a splash of color and cover-up, a little sewing here, a little something there...Beth said she was really good at faking it, and hey, that totally works for me). I finally decided to ask Dan what he thought, and he just came right out and said he hated it. The color, the look, the...well, everything. Well, I guess that settled that, didn't it? I'm very proud of Dan for telling me what he really thought. He's getting much better at that. I'm also very glad that Beth took a lot of time to help me (I called her once to help me hang up curtains too, because apparently I'm rather inept and can't do things by myself). Their trip wasn't such a waste though (from our point of view at least). Jeremy helped Dan with some computer stuff, and Dan is thrilled that he can get on the internet on his computer, and I'm thrilled that he will leave my laptop alone. Yes, I'm rather's mine and I don't want to share if I don't have to. So I guess I'll be making a return to Ross. Hmmm, if they don't put the money back on the card, I guess I'll just have to go clothes shopping...maybe this wasn't such a disaster after all! :)

Just so you can all see my great decorating sense, here is a picture of our very first apartment after we got married and were going to school in Logan. You can't really see it in this picture, but the carpet was blue and green shag...besides the fact that it hid really really really big spiders (I think they were hobo) it was awesome. It needed to go, but it was awesome.
I was going to stop writing, but I just thought I something I want for my record. Kember has a habit of taking off her shoes when we get in the car. I will admit that this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Not necessarily that she takes them off, but that I have to put them back on...especially since it's winter and I can't send her upstairs barefoot in the snow (I have been tempted though). Anyway, whenever she does this we always tell her that she can't get out of the car because when she takes her shoes off it means that she wants to stay in the car. She doesn't think much of this idea. We leave her buckled in with the door open and then walk away. I don't walk far, just enough so she will think about keeping her shoes on next time. It actually works pretty well, and we haven't had to do it all that often (although, once is more often that I'd prefer). Dan took Kember grocery shopping today and they saw a dog in a car. She asked Dan why the puppy was in the car, and Dan told her that the dog had to stay in the car because it took it's shoes off. Kember then scolded the dog and told it to leave it's socks on. Dan thought it was pretty cute, and at least it's getting home to her, even if she hasn't grasped the concept of actually leaving the shoes on.


Loni said...

Come on Kember, you can do it. Shoes are that bad.

Did you take a picture of the slip cover? I want to know why Dan hated it?

What good friends you have.

Andrea said...

Zoie does the same thing with the shoes. It's pretty frustrating, especially when we're making several stops. She doesn't do it every trip, but, I know how you feel.

Teeter Family said...

Well kudos to you for at least TRYING a slipcover!! I have heard they are pretty awful things to get put on. but if it covers up a bright pink couch when everything else is brown...I would gladly do it! :D

I am so glad Brooklyn can usually only undo her shoes and can't take them off yet. That is so stinkin' funny about the dog though. Aren't kids cute?? ...most of the time...? :D