Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another wintery day

So I stole these pictures off my friend Melanie's blog (thanks Mel, hope that was okay) so you who don't live here can be thankful that you don't have this much snow. If you do have this much snow, I'm assuming you're used to it, and you can then be thankful for all the moisture that you are going to recieve from the white fluffy stuff. These pictures are of Dan and Issac trying to dig Issac's 4-wheel drive vehicle out of the parking lot this morning. Once the guys got to school they learned that they were closing the campus after 10. Which, how smart was that? Make everyone come in the bad weather, then send them home in worse weather. Anyway, school is cancelled again tomorrow. I think it's interesting that they are cancelling everything. Even a lot of the roads were closed. I heard that if we had wanted to go to Moscow today we wouldn't have been able to because of road closures. I was supposed to have a primary meeting tomorrow, but I cancelled it because everything else was cancelled. I even only watched Maeli this morning for an hour. When her dad came by to pick her up he said that Beth got sent home from work because of the snow. Gotta love the snow.

I love Caden hugs. They are the best thing in the world. He snuggles up tight and then pats you on the back. He's really getting fun because he can understand what you are saying now, so he follows (mostly) directions like, "go get a book" "let's take a nap" and my favorite is after we read scriptures and pray he heads straight for the bathroom without us even saying "let's brush teeth". He loves to brush his teeth. He has just learned to nod his head yes, and his grin gets cheesier every time. Oh, and he's learned a new word "shoes" which mostly sounds like it's supposed to.

I made the best soup tonight for dinner (yes, you may all applaude doesn't happen often, just ask Dan). It was a cheese and broccoli soup. I got the recipe off of some primary website (weird, but whatever works, right?) I didn't have everything so I called mom to see if I could substitube some stuff. Mom, afterall, is the substitute queen of cooking. Anyway, it was delicious and I'm extremely proud of myself.


Andrea said...

You should share the recipe!

Heidi said...

Yes, you should share the recipe. I made a great taco soup recipe the other day- very easy, we should swap recipes!

The snow is crazy!! The road into Pullman from Albion was closed for a couple hours today. Good thing I didn't need to go anywhere!!

michelle said...

Ahhh...this cold weather, blizzard stuff sure does make you grateful for being safe and warm inside with your family.

Mel said...

You're so funny. The best is that I was going to email them to you and tell you how funny it was that they got stuck in the parking lot and then had to turn back around an hour later because school was canceled, but obviously I totally forgot. I'm glad that you got the picts from the blog.

Also, I'm so dumb. Okay. I thought you spelled Caden with an e, but then I second guessed myself and have been spelling it with an i. Sorry I'm an idiot. I'm sure I'll make the mistake again so I apologize now.

Rorie said...

Yes, share the recipe! It sounds delicious.
I feel for all of you who have to deal with the snow and the yucky cold. Then you can feel for me when I have to deal with the living-3-feet-from-Hades temperatures in the summer. :)
And wow, Caden likes to brush his teeth? How'd you manage that?

Grandma J. said...

We want a Caden hug! I am amazed at how much his disposition reminds me of Dan when he was little. Keep warm. Every day is one day closer to spring.

Loni said...

I'd like to know which of the ingredients you substituted. Sounds good. I like broccoli soup.

When are you getting that new camera? I need to see these cheesy grins and Caden hugs. Maybe you can even get a Kember grin with clothes on. Who knows.