Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Caden!

Well, today was my little man's birthday. He looks like he's having a great time in the pictures, doesn't he? Truth be told we (Dan and I) didn't do anything today for his birthday. I forgot until about 10 o'clock this morning...and Dan forgot until his friend Issac reminded him. So why do we have pictures of him opening a present and playing with a balloon? Because we have a very thoughtful friend named Melanie (Issac's wife) who brought him over a gift. Wasn't that nice? Someday my goal is to be as thoughtful as she is. She's always doing stuff for our family. When I had Caden she made a poster and hung it up outside our door for when I came home from the hospital, she got me a birthday present (Dan forgot my birthday that year) and a whole plethora of other things. She's pretty cool, and not because she gets us stuff, but because she is so thoughtful and thinks of others. We have many friends like that and we feel very blessed. As a side note, we do plan to have a little party (aka have our friends over for cake and ice cream) on Sunday. We will see if that actually happens, but what can you do?

I just got back from a primary meeting where we were trained as a presidency by the stake primary president. She's from our ward and she has a very great spirit about her. Anyway, while in the meeting she was trying to make sure that our Secretary knew what her responsiblities were and I said, "She does everything" and immediately afterwards I felt really stupid for saying that and I hope my other counselors weren't thinking that I was discounting all their efforts, because I wasn't. They are amazing and they do everything I ask and more, and they are great, so now I feel really bad and I'm hoping it was just one of those things that I think about how I was stupid and no one else noticed...let's hope if they did notice, they took it in the spirit that it was meant. I was trying to show appreciation for my secretary. She does a lot and she's about ready to have her second child soon so I was trying to let her know that she's great and I ended up putting my foot in my mouth. Ah well, what can you do?

This is just a picture of Maeli (I watch her in the mornings). Dan came home early last friday and all the kids attacked him. Yes, Caden is running around without a diaper on, but it was to help with his diaper rash. He has been keeping a diaper on since Sunday because the rash is slowly getting better.
So I'm thinking about potty training Kember. The key word is "thinking". I've been thinking about it for quite sometime. A lot of people I know are doing it and I'm feeling the pressure. Not that they are pressuring me, but their kids are Kember's age or younger so I feel like I should be doing it too. Anyway, I probably still won't potty train for awhile, but we talk about going potty a lot more (although, every time I ask her if she wants to use the potty she says "no") and we even watched Elmo's Potty Time (Thanks grandma!) today. I even think I'm going to buy her rubber underwear (sounds weird, but my friend swears by it).
Ooo, I made dinner tonight (and last night) and just thought that I would document that feat.
That's enough randomness for one night. Let's hope Caden's year check-up tomorrow will be great and they shots won't be too bad.


Rorie said...

Glad Caden had a fun birthday. Even though I'm sure he didn't notice much of anything. It's all for the parents when they're only 1 anyway. :)

Andrea said...

What did you make for dinner? I totally struggle with figuring meals out. We had biscuits and leftover spaghetti pie last night. No idea on what we'll do tonight.

Loni said...

Did Caden's birthday card arrive? I know it wasn't on time. Sorry Caden!

Lindsay said...

You FORGOT your son's first birthday! There's something really funny about that. :)

Thanks for commenting on my site so I can see your cute family! I'll add you as a link on my blog - I love reading your writing...you're really good!

I'm excited to go through all of your posts (slowly but surely) so you might get some comments from me later on as well if something else strikes me as funny. :)